How to: Create your own wordpress blog part 3 – widgets & posts

Each blog has a dashboard, a behind-the-scenes control panel where all the settings are managed. You can access your dashboard from the ‘My Blogs’ tab on the Word- home page.

Don’t worry if it appears a little overpowering – you only need to know your way around a few key parts of the dashboard to start publishing content and personalizing your blog’s ap- pearance.

1. OK, next step is to choose a photo to go in your header, like this:

Click on appearance and then header. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload and edit your header. Under appearance you can also edit your theme if you wish.

2. Next up – widgets! Your site’s sidebar is a great place to show off important links and make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for. To start activating widgets on your site, go to Appearance > Widgets in your dash- board.

Have a look at what widgets you’d like on the side of your blog.

Drag the desired widget over to the Sidebar module on the right. Be sure to hit save and close when you’re done editing a widget’s settings. Below are some suggested widgets to get you started – but have a play around and a look through them and see which ones you’d like to include – it’s YOUR site, after all.

Search (allows readers to search your site) Recent posts (display about 5, have it near top of your blog to content as it’s a useful & easy guide for readers) Follow blog (email subscription service) Links (create a blogroll) – you create your links here Twitter (a feed of your twitter account – but if you’re going to use it be careful what you tweet!)

You’ve got the basics of a blog now! You can develop other aspects of it as you go along.

Creating a post

You’re now ready to create your first post. It’s a simple job…

Simply go to ‘posts’ and click on the sub-header ‘add new’ and this will come up on your screen ….

Enter a Title (or headline) for the post and some text, which is the main body of the post. Think of this part in the same way as sending an email. It really is as easy at that.

Once you have finished writing your post, you can spell- check it by clicking the ABC box in the toolbar. You can also make some text bold, italic, bullet-pointed or numbered using the toolbar options. Have a play around and see what does what.

If you want to see what your post looks like then you should click on the link View Post. On clicking this link you will be taken to the internet page which features what your story will look like. Check to see there’s no mistrakes, closew this wiondow and then launch or schedule the post.


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