Sunday reading: Revenue, #newsrw, paywalls, local TV and high streets

“Here at Talk About Local we’ve always felt there’s a role here for hyperlocal sites– in among the big business interests and complexity of planning regulations there lies a basic need for some better local data, a public respositary for it and a way to share the knowledge of the town. At a local level, the High Street ownership issue seems like a very basic piece of information to be able to access – could hyperlocal sites using the facilities granted under Freedom of Information go somewhere towards taking a lead in this area?”

– Latest on Talk About Local’s focus on the high street.

There’s a brilliant piece by @mthomps about how journalists and bloggers should think about revenue for their organizations over at Poynter. Check the link out.

“The journalist has not been replaced but displaced, moved higher up the editorial chain from the production of initial observations to a role that emphasizes verification and interpretation, bringing sense to the streams of text, audio, photos and video produced by the public.”

– “It’s the best of times and the worst of times. Vive la révolution.” In case you missed it, the Tow Center report on ‘Post-Industrial Journalism’ ain’t all bad news, check out the post over on Storyful’s blog.

“What pay walls are reminding me of is that time is my most valuable (or scarce) resource, not access to content. By putting a price on their content the Globe, the Sun and everyone else with a paywall is simultaneously helping me put a “value” on my time. And that is a real service.”

– There continues to be fierce debate about the cost/benefits of newspaper paywalls, a debate Mathew Ingram has been helping drive with a great deal of depth and with excellent links. Full report on Eaves CA.

I couldn’t get to the latest NewsRewired conference in London (but I really must get to the next one). Follow #newsrw for an overview from the Twittersphere. And here’s a Storify to collect together just some of the tweets, coverage and images produced during news:rewired – digital stories on 6 December. usefully sumarises  the four key digital lessons news outlets and bloggers can take from the conference.

“When we look at the hyperlocal news landscape, we tend to mostly talk about independent online publishers, local experiments by legacy newspapers, hyperlocal networks from large media companies, and smaller upstart networks working with new models. But we talk a whole lot less about the online outlets of local television stations.”

Are Local TV Stations: The Sleeping Beasts in Hyperlocal News?


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