Sunday reading: Everyblock closure, #oohhyperlocal and who’s winning Leeds?

Afternoon all! Here’s my latest Sunday reading round-up.

USA hyperlocal news and community discussion site EveryBlock closed Thursday, as NBC News announced it struggled to become profitable and was not a “strategic fit.” Everyblock was one of the early pioneers of data-driven hyperlocal community news and information. It’s closure came as a shock and considerable disappointment to me at a time when one of the biggest issues facing hyperlocal sites is whether they have a sustainable future.

In the wake of Everyblock’s closure Catherine O’Connor, who heads up the journalism department at Leeds Trinity University, tweeted Poynters’ post entitled the promise and limits of hyperlocal success, which looks at the impact and fallout from NBC’s decision.

Addiply’s Rick Waghorn replied to O’Connor with his post on activity in Leeds, with specific reference to a couple of hyperlocal sites which are looking to be more sustainable:

“Leeds, for me, is worth watching. It may well deliver a lesson for every other city in the UK as to for whom the digital bell is starting to toll…”

On the subject of Waghorn – and on the different subject of Local TV –  you may wish to check out #1000flowers – For those who believe the future of TV in the UK is local, mobile and social. And has no need of a transmitter mast.

Two very differing opinions: Why Google’s settlement with French publishers is bad for the web and Google vs. Newspapers: How France May Have Saved A Dying Industry. Make your own mind up!

US regional/local publisher Gannett says its digital subscription plan is attracting new, younger, readers.  The case for paywalls?

Want to talk hyperlocal or likeminded bloggers. Check out #oohhyperlocal every Wednesday on Google Plus – there’s been a few weeks’ worth of meetings so far and it seems a lively forum. It’s run by @jezturner. There’s a video on, erm, last week’s subject of video below:


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